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Jam Room - Fisheye Music Connection !

He’s getting help from an unexpected source. For the next year, the Jam Room will host Stefan Heger, a world-renowned mastering engineer from Germany, whose wife just happens to hail from Irmo. Heger is overseeing the upgrades to the new Mastering Room. He also designed the new Boom Room, fashioning a spacious control room and vocal booth, both of which feature non-parallel walls to keep reflecting sound waves from muddying the final product.

He’s tied in with a lot of real high-end people, and he’s just known worldwide. He’s got connections in L.A. and New York, Germany. He knows everybody everywhere, and I just thought it would be really good to work with him for a year and just learn a lot and get a lot of networking going on.”

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D'Angelo Re:Mastered

D’Angelo’s scorching 1995 debut, including the breakout hit, "Brown Sugar." Handling almost all of the production, instrumentation and songwriting himself (with help from Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest, Raphael Saadiq, and Bob Power), the album is a showcase for D’Angelo’s immense talent.

Newly mastered from the original analog tapes -  Russell Elevado, in his Analogypsy Studios and in collaboration with Stefan Heger at Fisheye Music, mastered Brown Sugar from the album’s original half-inch master reels stored in the EMI vault. Elevado has long been associated with D’Angelo, starting with this album and continuing through Voodoo and his current recordings, as a recording engineer and mixer. His work is admired for its attention to detail and devotion to the warmth of original analog sound. Elevado considers this new master the definitive audio representation of D’Angelo’s landmark debut.


Available in Audiophile 192kHz/24bit & 96kHz/24bit here : HD-Tracks


Voodoo is to be released next! 

Grammy Nominee 2016

The 2016 Grammy nominations were announced this morning and once again, bhakti represents. “Bhakti Without Borders,” the 2015 debut release by Madi Das and 10 female vocalist collaborators, has nabbed the nomination for Best New Age Album, beating out more than 100 other albums in the New Age category.
The tight-knit group of musicians who laid down rhythms in the studio behind Stringer’s L.A. home includes long-time go-tos in the SoCal kirtan world such as Patrick Richey (tabla, cajon, mridangam and every other percussion instrument you can name); Matt Pszonak (pedal steel), and Sheela Bringi, who graces most tracks with her angelic bansuri flute as well as harmonium.  Madi Das’ childhood friend Shree Shyam ‘Elton Bradman’ Das played bass, and Tulsi Devi added some countrified violin riffs. Krishan Khalsa did the mixing and Stefan Heger mastered the disc.

Surround Mix and Master for Gentleman MTV unplugged

We are proud to be part of the Gentleman MTV unplugged. At FisheyeMusic we mixed and mastered the 5.1 portion of the production. The Mix was part of the stereo mix prepared by Olsen Involtini. The circular setup of the location "Stadtgarten in Cologne" was recreated and so you will have a real 360˚ feel to it. The concert is available as a standard DVD and also Blue Ray.

Fisheye Music Mastering renovated

Fisheye Music has been re-designed featuring a state of the art mastering studio. The studio was designed by Larry Swist who recently passed away and adds to a long list of studios he has worked on. The studio focuses on analog mastering and a no compromise quality by the use of the best audio equipment in the industry.

The studio is built around the Chris Muth Transfer and Mastering Console connecting world class converters by Microsonics Pacific and an AMPEX ATR tape machine. Signal control and color is added by gear from Dangerous Music, rockruepel, Chandler, Pultec, Weiss and Pendulum.

Mastered For iTunes Studio Certification

FisheyeMusic has provided MFiT masters for iTunes since Mid 2012. Our signal path mostly consists of analog gear and very little software or plug ins. With high res masters we can keep more dynamic range in the audio material.

Plugin Alliance visits FisheyeMusic

Dirk and Stefan give some new plugins a thorough listening in our Mastering Suite. It is quite a challenge to hear the subtle differences between the analog hardware and the digital plug in. Soon more...

Mastering Workshop at Funky Funk in Milano

Funky Junk organised a Mastering Workshop. Topics were studio calibration, digital and analog levels. We introduced the RS Matrix for the first time in a real application. !

FisheyeMusic @ Miloco

Miloco loves recording studios and also our studios. We are proud to say that Miloco books Stefan and our partner studios for all mastering services. We have been working globally since FisheyeMusic started in 1997 in the beautiful town of Lisboa. Back then recording and mixing was more dominant but the networking started early on. Please check them out :

Mastering at Elephant Mastering Studio da Roma

Stefan is now working out of Elephant Mastering Studio in Monteverde, Rom. The studio offers a fully equipped mastering studio - with lots of good gear. Some of the gear has been adapted by the room to guarantee the same sound and quality known from FisheyeMusic.....In the picture from left to right - Eugen, Riccardo, Stefan, Enrico & Marco.

Gentleman Studio & Mix

At the same time as we mixed the Live DVD of Gentleman we also helped design his new home studio in Cologne. The Studio Layout and Design was done by Larry Swist and the wood work by Sebastian Baecher. The Studio features a SSL Matrix, Sterling Modular Desk, some vintage gear and superb acoustics !

Busy & Stefan 5.1 Mastering

May 2012 - Busy and Stefan have a successfull year behind them and completed several Surround Sound projects together. It all started with Gentleman - Live Mix of the Summerjam 2011. Shortly after followed Unheilig, Helene Fischer and the Charts Album and Live DVD of Silbermond. We both use very similar gear and are able to recreate the mastering settings so they can match the sound in stereo and surround.

Dragonette Mastering

April 2012 - Philippe Weiss and Simon Colin are in the studio to complete the new album of Dragonette. We have implemented a Microsonic Pacific converter for this project. Several hours listening to the best possible match of gear ! Please check out the new single on SoundCloud : LET IT GO

Tom Beck - New Single

September 2011 - Tom Beck is here and mastering his new single : THE LONGING ! The song is mixed by Michael Dorniak in Cologne and will come out on November 4th 2011. Please also check the video. !!

Cody ChesnuTT in the Studio

August 2011 - Cody Chessnut is visiting supow studio to mix his new record. At the same time we are mastering and checking back the songs that have been recorded at Royal Studios Memphis. The record is produced by Patrice and Matt Kent.

Vision Festival XVI New York

June 2011 - For the 10th time I am in New York, recordingh the best in Avangard Jazz. This year we are celebrating the lifetime achievement for Peter Broetzmann ! I wil be recording with Pro Tools 9, a Avid System, Apogee Converters and Mojave Mics. Thanks at this point for your continuing support. Please check out all the productions that have come out of this event.
Here are some reviews : Mixonline Lighting & Sound America

Mastering in Cairo, Egypt

December 2010 - I went for 4th time to Cairo to master one of the most popular artists in the middle east called "Bahaan Soltan". Producer and Engineer Amir Mahrous was looking into building the first Mastering Studio in Cairo and hookedup with me. Not long after that we started mastering the first projects, for example Samira Saids album "Ayaam Hayati" or Diabs " El 3aw".

Deutsche POP - Mastering Course

May 2010 - I have been teaching for the DEUTSCHE POP in Cologne since several years and I am introducing "Mastering Techniques" and "Tape Machine" to the students. I am showing all the aspects on the mastering process, the equipment and the workflow in a high end studio.

Recording Patrice Free-Patri-Ation

August 2008 - Commissioner Gordon is at Supow Studio to record the Patrice Album: FreePatriAtion. Also in the picture is Christopher Meredith & Izrah Williams. We had Professional Audio Magazin in da house to write a nice article. You can download it here.

Vision Festival - New York City

June 2009 - Stefan Heger has been recording the 15-year-old Vision Festival since 2002, making improvements to the system he assembles each year to capture the avant-garde jazz performances at ever-higher quality. Several recordings have been published until today - please check them out in our CD section.

The Pinstripes Rockabilly

May 2009 - After several years we found together again for a real fun time at Supow Studio. Hagen my old band member and his new band : The Pinstripes showed up to record their new record "Road to Hell". Get the CD and listen to some great guitar, drum and double bass sound ! 

Yoga Conference Germany

June 2007 - FisheyeMusic has been doing the sound for the international Yoga Conference in Cologne since the last 6 years. Organizers Vishnus Couch show much interest in the live sound and also in the recording of their performances. Acts such as Jai Uttal, Sean Johnson, Sattya & Pari have been playing and have been recorded. Please check out for more info. See ya there soon.

Sound & Recording Photo Shooting

May 2006 - Our studio is on the front cover of sound & recording, a german high end audio magazine. It took sometime to fit everything in the picture. I am in it as well, although not intentionally. 

Toots and the Maytals

December 2001 - FisheyeMusic, NYC did the live mix for the private concert of Toots and the Maytals in New York City. Besides the live mix we also ran a multitrack-recorder and capture this wonderful moment. In the picture is Domenico Volpini, Stef, Toots and his manager.